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Welcome to the information page for our Banner Exchange service for non-pornographic Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, TV & TS websites located in the UK. Any non-commercial or small business Sites based in the UK (turnover less than £50K) are welcome to join for free. Other (UK only - sorry) businesses should to request E-Mailed information about our Advertising opportunities. These pages will hopefully serve to answer any questions you may have that you might have about the Service and will, hopefully, encourage you to become a member, free of charge!

What is a Banner Exchange scheme?

Banner Exchange Schemes enable you – as a Web Site owner, by inserting a few lines of HTML code into one of your pages, to show small Banners, which promote and (optionally) Link to other members’ pages. In return, other members will show your banner on a reciprocal basis. In the case that there are no exposures "owing" – then a default banner will be shown.


Other banner exchange schemes tend to be either totally untargeted or non-UK specific. By targeting only Gay (and gay-friendly) sites in the UK we believe that far better results will be obtained. Additionally we consider that there are already more than enough Linking and "pop-up" schemes for the lucrative porn industry!

Who are you?

We are a gay-owned and staffed business located in Lincolnshire, UK. We have been operating and marketing Telecommunications and Internet Services for more than 10 years. Our principal Sites are, Kunani Gay Personals, BizOrg, The Lincolnshire Site, and The Antiques Directory (UK).

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