Gay UK Banner Exchange - for non-porn UK GLB websites

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What do you get out of it?

In order to cover the costs of operating the scheme (we have served well in excess of ONE MILLION banners onto Members' sites since we started!) we display some of our banners on Members' sites. The ratio depends on how popular your site is - but it varies between 1:1 and 1.75:1.


How do I know that the scheme is fair?

  1. We use a Shareware CGI script that has been tried and tested for many years on thousands of websites throughout the world.
  2. In order to prevent others from abusing GUBE by reloading their pages repeatedly – in a vain attempt to up their exposure, we have implemented IP address tracking. This means that only one exposure, per page, per Surfer will be registered in any period of sixty minutes.
  3. This (tracking) system was disabled by the program's author in the last Release (v2.14). It has now (25/3/2000) apparently been reinstated (v2.15)!
  4. It has been reported that the Link HTML code wasn't displaying properly on certain Browsers. If this was due to the Browser not being Javascript-enabled - then this should be fixed in this version. Please get the most up-to-date code for your page(s) from the Admin. system
  5. Any member whose "link to" page is merely a "banner farm" or who sets up scripts to display multiple banners on the same webpage will have their account frozen until they make amends!


What Statistics will I get?

Via our password-protected Admin area you will have access to the following data:-

  1. Number of times other members’ banners have been displayed on your site
  2. Number of times your banner has been displayed on other members’ sites
  3. Number of "Click-throughs" from other members’ sites
  4. Ratio of Click-throughs to exposures
  5. IP addresses for the last 12 hours of those people who have viewed your page.


What about Confidentiality and Security?

  1. We will allocate each member a unique password to access his or her Statistics. Only you will be able to view your data.
  2. We will guarantee that your data will not be passed on to any third party. However, we reserve the right to use global figures for marketing purposes.


How versatile is GUBE? I have very hi-tech WebPages!

Our system is flexible enough to enable Banners to link to Framesets, Anchors and new Windows. We can even help you use banners on a CGI-generated page! Please E-Mail us with any queries.


Do I have to sign a Contract?

No! We have decided that there should be no need to pay lawyers in order to operate this service. Instead we will merely state, on our part, that we will run the service to the best of our ability within the obvious constraints that exist with Software, Hardware and the Internet. On your part, all we ask is that you do not abuse the service nor criticise it publicly!

We are of the opinion that mutual trust and respect is the best way to transact our business relationships.