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Welcome to the information page for our brand new Banner Exchange service for non-pornographic websites located in, or concerning the County of Lincolnshire in the UK.

This page will hopefully serve to answer any questions that you might have about the Service and will, hopefully, encourage you to become a member, free of charge!


Who are you?

We are a Lincolnshire-based company who have been operating and marketing Telecommunications and Internet Services for more than 10 years. Our principal Sites are BizOrg Telecommunications, Fun and Friendship dating and The Antiques Directory (UK). We are also in the process of launching a new UK portal site, ThisBritain.


What is a Banner Exchange scheme?

Banner Exchange Schemes enable you – as a Web Site owner, by inserting a few lines of HTML code into one of your pages, to show small Banners, which promote and (optionally) Link to other members’ pages. In return, other members will show your banner on a reciprocal basis. In the case that there are no exposures "owing" – then a default banner will be shown.



Other banner exchange schemes tend to be either totally untargeted or non-UK specific. By targeting only Lincolnshire we believe that far better results will be obtained. Additionally we consider that there are already more than enough Linking and "pop-up" schemes for the "Adult" industry!


How does it work?

You will need to do the following:-

  1. Compose a small banner that promotes your Site. It should be 468 x 60 pixels in size, and no more than 20K in file size. If you do not already have a suitable Banner then there are many Websites that will create one for you – often entirely free of charge. Simple, free banners can be created at – there’s also a huge list of similar sites at Don’t forget – the quicker your banner loads, the more people will see it! There are also numerous places on the WWW where you can reduce the file size of existing images.
  2. Upload this Banner to your WebSite.
  3. send us the following information:- The URL of your Banner, the Page to which you want Clicks to be sent and any other information (see below) that you feel necessary
  4. We will then check your banner and URL and will E-Mail you the HTML Code to cut and paste into your webpage. We will also send you the URL to enable you to view your Stats. On line.


How do I know that the scheme is fair?

  1. We will be running a Registered Shareware CGI script that has been tried and tested for several years on many websites throughout the world.
  2. For an initial trial period every member will have a "1:1 Display Ratio" – this means that, for every time your site displays someone else’s banner, another site will show your banner. In the future we hope to gain some advertising from big business!
  3. In order to prevent others from abusing LBEX by reloading their pages repeatedly – in a vain attempt to up their exposure, we have implemented IP address tracking. This means that only one exposure, per page, per Surfer will be registered in any period of sixty minutes.
  4. Any member whose "link to" page is merely a "banner farm" or who sets up scripts to display multiple banners on the same webpage will have their account frozen until they make amends!


What Statistics will I get?

Via our password-protected Admin area you will have access to the following data:-

  1. Number of times other members’ banners have been displayed on your site
  2. Number of times your banner has been displayed on other members’ sites
  3. Number of "Click-throughs" from other members’ sites
  4. Ratio of Click-throughs to exposures
  5. IP addresses for the last 12 hours of those people who have viewed your page; also "resolved" IP addresses – so you can easily discern the domain from which they came.


What about Confidentiality and Security?

  1. We will allocate each member a unique password to access his or her Statistics. Only you will be able to view your data.
  2. We will guarantee that your data will not be passed on to any third party. However, we reserve the right to use global figures for marketing purposes in the future.
  3. We do not plan to implement Cookies on our Server – therefore a password must be entered every time in order to access the Stats. from your machine.


How versatile is LBEX? I have very hi-tech WebPages!

Our system is flexible enough to enable Banners to link to Framesets, Anchors and new Windows. We can even help you use banners on a CGI-generated page! Please E-Mail us with any queries.


Do I have to sign a Contract?

No! We have decided that there should be no need to pay lawyers in order to operate this service. Instead we will merely state, on our part, that we will run the service to the best of our ability within the obvious constraints that exist with Software, Hardware and the Internet. On your part, all we ask is that you do not abuse the service nor criticise it publicly!

We are of the opinion that mutual trust and respect is the best way to transact our business relationships.

Important note…..

To begin with – we would ask all Members to be aware that the service is at the Beta-test stage. We have tested the software using 4 different sites, with 4 different "dummy" Members. Please E-Mail us in case anything seems untoward – and we will do our bit!



Just us the requested stuff – and we’ll get you up and running as soon as possible!

Best Wishes


David Quinton, Operations Director

Copyright 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003 - The Business Organisation Ltd. - PO Box 425 – Skegness - Lincs. - PE24 5FN A/R/R


 Legal bit

We accept no responsibility for the contents of the Sites that are, directly or indirectly, Linked to through this banner scheme.