All Format Double Layer
Only £59.99
Fantastic Value!

Order Code: A38CQ

This drive has received fantastic reviews, and
supersedes the popular LG GSA-4160B DVD Rewriter
Drive. One of the most impressive features is its 4x write
speed to Double Layer DVD+R, and it is one of the very
few models that supports the large capacity DVD-RAM
52x Internal CDRW
Only £24.99
Was £34.99
Order Code: A37CQ
• Write / Read speeds: CD-R write 52x CAV; CD-RW write
32x Zone CLV ; CD-ROM read 52x
• Features SuperLink buffer under run proof technology
• Mt Rainer support allows copying of CDs by dragging and
dropping files (Windows XP only)
Offer available until 14th November 2005
Cable Sleeving Green
Now Only £4.98 Was £9.99 Save £5.01
• Tidy and protect cabling inside and outside of
your PC case
• Installation instructions included
Code A65BW
UC Logic USB Graphics Tablet
Now Only £17.98 Was £39.99 Save £22.01
• Bundled software includes PenSigner, Annotate for Word, PenCommander and PenMail
• 6 in x 4.5 in working area

Code A57AK
Warps Ultra 5.25 slim combo
Now Only £24.98 Was £ 29.98 Save £5.00
• Firewire and Hi-Speed USB connectivity
• Backward compatible with USB 1.1
• USB and Firewire cable included
Code A63CG
Laptop USB FAN
Now Only £5.98 Was £7.98 Save £2.00
• Great, appealing high tech design
• Simply Plug-n-Play
• A cool notebook gadget
Code A38CJ
USB2+FW+Gigabit PCI
Now Only £34.98 Was £44.99 Save £10.01
• Add USB 2.0, FireWire, and Gigabit LAN to
your PC with one card!
• Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP compatible
Code A18BL
Fanless VGA Heatpipe Cooler
Now Only £12.97 Was £16.99 Save £4.02

• Cool your graphics card silently
• Suitable only for graphics cards with
mounting holes

Code A34CC
All the above products are while stocks last so hurry !!!!
Cordless Screwdriver Kit
Only £4.99 Half Price!
• Two grip positions
• Forward/reverse action
• Includes 37-piece accessory set
Code: N79BX
3 in 1 Staple Gun
Only £4.99 Was £7.99
Suitable for many types of fixing
including upholstery, hardboard,
fabrics etc.
Codes: L69BL
4-in-1 Cordless Kit
Only £24.99 Was £44.99
Variable speed drill - 0-550rpm with
forward/reverse, 0.8-10mm keyless
chuck and 16 torque settings
Code: N77BX
All of the above offers are Valid Until the 30th November 2005
Wild West

Only £24.99
Was £34.99

Order Code: L17BK
• Brings the Wild West in to your home!
• Range up to 10 metres
• Realistic gunshot and ricochet sounds!
• Targets launch from the log if hit - just like the movies!
Electronic Guessing

Only £9.99
Was £12.99
Order Code: L36BH
• The classic game of 20 questions captured for the first time in a portable format
• If it reads your mind within 20 questions it wins, if not, you win!
Bonzer Gear™ TVR Mat Racing Set
Now Only £39.99 Was £49.99 Save £10.00
• Worlds first flexible track system designed for micro radio controlled cars
• Handy hold all bag for storage and transportation

Code: L95BC
Super Slot Machine
Now Only £14.99 Was £24.99 Save £10.00
• Just like being at the seaside!
• Six different winning combinations
• Operates with plastic coins (supplied)
Code: L51AH
Penny Pusher Arcade Machine
Now Only £14.99 Was £24.99 Save £10.00

• Like having your own arcade game at home!
• Feed the plastic coins in to the shoots and see if you can win!

Code: L39AY
Furious Racer Track
Now Only £14.99 Was £19.99 Save £5.00
• 2.3 metre track length
• Battery operated for use almost anywhere!
• Runs off 3 x C size batteries (not included)
Code: L08BK
Candy Grabber Machine
Now Only £14.99 Was £19.99 Save £5.00
• Race against time and feel the excitement of real arcade action!
• Insert a coin and grab a prize if you can
Code: A56CC
Sprintz Shots Game
Now Only £12.99 Was £19.99 Save £7.00

• Each pack contains one electronic mat and two Sprintz® shot glasses.
• An extra 4 pack of glasses are available at £4.99

Code: L66BJ & L00BK
Coin Sorter

Now only £19.99
Was £24.99
Save £5.00

Sorts coins quickly and easily in to different values. A great gift for everyone and is also is suitable for businesses sorting large volumes of coins. Requires 2 x C batteries
Order Code: N57BW
Robo Guard

Now only £14.99
Was £24.99
Save £10.00

The Robo guard is this years must have Toy! Packed full of actions and features this will keep the kids, or Dad, happy for hours. Requires 6 x AA batteries
Order code: N49BU
269 Piece Marble Run

Now only £14.99
Was £19.99
Save £5.00

• Build your own marble run!
• Suitable for ages 7+
• Battery powered motor feeds marbles to the top of the run
Order Code: L71BJ
ATM Savings Bank

Now only £24.99
Was £29.99
Save £5.00

Identifies coins as they are inserted and keeps a running total
Includes a PIN number to prevent unauthorised access to your cash!
Order Code: L40AY
Window/Door Entry Alarm
Only £3.98 Was £4.99
An ultra-miniature window and door alarm that can be installed quickly and easily. Simple stick-on installation means you can install this device in under a minute!
Code: YE66W
LED Message Badge
Only £9.99 Half Price!
• 50 character capacity
• 4 scrolling speeds
• 21 x 7 dot matrix LED display
• Stores messages even when switched off
Code: L41BK
Metal Slinky
Only £2.99 Was £3.99
Everyone loves a Slinky! This original spring
toy is famous with children all over the world. It stretches, snaps back, and makes a
slinkity sound.
Code: N93AW
A-Z CD Dividers
Only £9.98 Was £14.99
If your CD collection is in serious need of reorganisation, then these great dividers will prove invaluable! Each divider lists a multitude of artists or groups.
Code: L27BF
Personal Attack Alarm
Only £1.98 Was £2.99
• Ripcord or push button activation
• High decibel siren
• Deter would-be attackers
Code: VH82D
These fantastic ride-on quad bikes make ideal presents for children aged 2 to 5 years! It has a speed of 3 km/h and is suitable for children up to a weight of 30kg (66lb). The quad measures 76cm in length, 49cm wide and has a maximum height of 52.5cm when fully assembled.
Now only £29.99
Was £49.99
Save £20.00
Electronic Drum Mixer
• 6 Soft drum pads which light up when hit
• 5 demo songs and 24 different rhythms
• Balance slide switch for mixing drum and
background music
• Record and playback function and learning mode
Order code: N06BJ
Now only £19.99
Was £29.99
Save £10.00
Electronic Guitar/Mixer
• 3 different effects - guitar, drums and keyboard in 1
• Flashing red LEDs for
• Extra fun for the children!
• Scratch selector and roller
Order code: L25BK
Now only £19.98
Was £39.99
Half Price!

Electronic Keyboard
• 8 rhythms and 6 demo songs
• 5 drum + 8 instrument sounds
• Variable tempo control
• Converts to desktop keyboard
• Foot pedal and microphone
Order code: N23AU

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Radio Controlled 1:5 Scale Ducati Moto GP Motorbike
Only £59.99
Was £99.99

A replica of Loris Capirossi’s Ducati 2005 MotoGP bike
Supplied complete with
all batteries
Suitable for ages 8+
Order Code L04BJ
R/C 1:6 Scale 'Slammer' Escalade with Lights and Sound Only £79.99 Save £20
• Plays funky loud music!
Order Code L03BJ
R/C 1:16 Scale Mini Racing Twin Pack
Only £19.99 Save £10
• Cars operate on different frequencies Order Code N41BJ
Electronic Mixer Offer
Electronic Guitar with Mixer
Only £19.99 Was £29.99

• 3 different effects - guitar
• Scratch selector and roller
• 3 different effects - guitar
Order Code L25BK
Electronic Keyboard Mixer
Only £29.99 Was £49.99

• 8 Channels free to jam
• 15 demo remix songs
• Includes stand and stool
Order Code N05BJ
Buy all 3 instruments for £59.97 and save £70 in total
Order 1 x L25BK, 1 x N05BJ and 1 N06BK to benefit from this offer.
Electronic Drum Mixer
Only £29.99 Was £49.99

• Record and playback function
• 6 soft drum pads that light up when hit
Order Code N06BJ
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EK100 Two Way Radio Twin Pack
Only £19.99 Half Price
• Includes twin drop in charger, rechargeable batteries & belt clips
Order Code A30FC
Predator Magnum Paintball Guns Twin Pack
Only £29.99 Save £10

Fires 50 calibre paintballs
Recommended for ages 8+
Supplied with 2 pairs of goggles, one target and 40 paintballs
Order Code L50AH
CD MP3 In-Car Head Unit
Only £59.99 Save £30
The Shark MP3 CD head unit is a competitively priced car stereo upgrade for those wishing to benefit from MP3 playback capability. Using a CD-burner, users can create their own customised MP3 CDs, creating up to 10 albums worth of music on a single CD! Support for ID3 tagging means you can label each track with up to 30 characters when burning MP3 files on to a CD using appropriate software.
Order Code L41AW
iNFORAD GPS Speed Camera Locator
Only £79.99

• A vital accessory for every deserving driver’s dashboard
• Save valuable license points and improve your own personal safety

Order Code A83CT
StreetPilot i3 In-Car GPS Navigator
Only £199.99
• Extremely compact, affordable automotive GPS
• Full postcode address search
Order Code A42FF
Trust Bluetooth Car Kit
• Works with Bluetooth compatible mobile phones
• Can pair up to 8 phones
• Backlit LCD display and illuminated buttons
• 12V car power lead included

Order Code A37FA
Only £49.99
Was £59.99
Save £10.00
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8 Inch DVB-T (Freeview) TFT TV
Only £149.99 Save £50!
• Auto scanning for easy TV channel setup
• Can store 1000 channels
• EPG program window display
• Digital and Analogue
Order Code A13FG
Universal Touch Screen Remote
Only £29.99 Save £20
• With Teletext and Fastext
Order Code A58CQ
Handheld TV Screen with TFT 2.5inch Screen Only £49.99 Star Buy
• Autoscanning for easy TV channel setup Order Code A69FC
Wireless TV/Video Link
Only £39.99 Save £20
• PAL and NTSC compatible
Order Code L43AT
512MB LK1 USB MP3 Player
Only £39.99 Half Price
• Support for MP3 / WMA Audio
Order Code A73FG
Funai DVD Recorder (DVD-RW)
Only £89.99 Save £10.00!
• 6 Speed recording (maximum recording time: 10hours)
• Original and play list title delete
• Scene delete for play list
• Play list combination
• Play list dividing
• DVD-VIDEO playback
Order Code A23FG
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2 Wireless PC Cards & Broadband Router Bundle
Only £49.99 Save £30
Order Code A90FC
Flat 2.1 Speakers
Only £24.99 Save £15
Order Code A06CX
512MB PC3200 DDR Memory Modules
Only £39.99 Save £23
Order Code A08AT
Lite ON External 16x DVD RW
Only £59.99 Save £10
Portable design, using USB 2.0 connection to ensure the best performance
Order Code A14FF
5 Mega Pixel Digital Camera
Only £69.99 Save £20
1.5 colour LCD screen
16MB internal memory
4X digital zoom
Order Code A55FC
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XTC Lighting Effect
Only £69.99 Save £10
The XTC incorporates a new diachronic lens design, plus a unique-shaped reflective head. These combine to create an awe-inspiring effect, sending out a vast number of continuously changing colour beams in all directions Order Code VA05F
Wild Blaze Lighting Effect
Only £69.99 Save £10
The Wild Blaze is a scanning head flower incorporating superior optics and diachronic filters. The automatic sound activation to the filters and the reflective head produce a magnificent display of light. Order Code VC99H
Buy both effects and the T-Bar Lighting Stand (Maplin Order Code QK42V) for
£129.97 saving £60!
Large Plasma Ball
• Like something from Doctor Frankenstein's laboratory!
• Glowing strands of lightning
• Direct the lightning by passing your hands over the glass globe!
• 8"(200mm) diameter
Order Code L83AN
Only £9.99
Was £19.99
Save £10
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Car Polisher
Only £9.99 Save £10
• Showroom finish in minutes!
• Take the work out of polishing
• Large 240mm polishing head
• 3200 rpm
• Powerful 110w motor
• Soft touch finish
• Includes 2 bonnets

Keep you car in tip top condition with this top specification car polisher.
Order Code N45AX
4 Piece Workshop Kit
Only £39.99 Save £30
Everything you need for your workshop at home Order Code L65BJ
Electronic Digital Calliper
Only £14.99 Save £15
• Imperial or metric reading
Order Code N48AA
Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit
Only £14.99 Save £15
• 60 accessories included
Order Code N08AX
56 White LED Star Rope Lights (Indoor/Outdoor)
56 Blue LED Star Curtain Drop Lights (Indoor/Outdoor)
Only £19.99 Star Buy
Order Code A23FC
Only £19.99 Star Buy
Order Code A24FC
120 Red LED Berry Lights (Outdoor)
20 LED Battery Operated Lights (Indoor)
Only £14.99 Star Buy
Order Code A22FC
Only £4.99 Star Buy
Order Code L38AH
130-in-1 Electronic Project Lab
1.8kW Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater
SuperPlus Alkaline 60 Assorted Box
Only £19.99 Save £10
Order Code FW58N
Only £39.99 Save £40
Order Code A81FC
Only £14.99 Save £5
Order Code N47BL
Inflatable Offer

8 Foot Christmas Inflatables
Only £39.99 Each Save £10
• Just inflate and celebrate
• Everything is included
• Self inflates in seconds
• Illuminates with internal lighting
• Weatherproof for outdoor use
Order Code A53CC (Santa)
Order Code A54CC (Snowman)
Order Code A55CC (Bears)

Buy all 3 for £99.97 saving £50
Order 1 x A53CC, 1 x A54CC and 1 x A55CC to benefit from this offer
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