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160 GB External Hard Drive - Seagate
• Compact Lightweight external USB 2.0 hard drive
• Easy storage and access for large digital music, photo, video, personal data and multimedia files
• Large-capacity drives extend the life of your computer by providing extra storage space
• Blazingly fast 7200-RPM high-performance drive to effortlessly handle large amounts of data
• Whisper-quiet and cool operation
• Worry-free one-year warranty covers all parts and labour
Order Code: A36FQ
was £99.99
Save £30
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MultiMix 8 USB 8 Channel Mixer
Only £99.99
Save £30.00
• 8 channel professional mixer
• USB Interface for recording the output directly to a PC
• 100 built in digital effects
• 3 band EQ per channel
• 8 segment LED level meters
Order Code: L48AW
8" Plasma Ball
Only £9.99
Half Price

• Like something from Doctor Frankenstein's laboratory!
• Glowing strands of lightning
• Direct the lightning by passing your hands over the glass globe!
• 8"(200mm) diameter
Order Code: L83AN
Wireless 863MHz RF Headphones
Only £24.99
Save £15.00
• Auto scanning system on headphones
• Up to 100 meters range
• Automatic battery recharging
• Transmission is not restricted solely to line of sight
• High quality stereo sound that is virtually interference-free
Order Code: A08FQ
Wild Blaze Lighting Effect
Exciting scanning flower effect
Rugged aluminium case
Automatically responds to the music
Order Code: VC99H
Only £59.99 Save 25%
XTC Lighting Effect
• Awe-inspiring multi-beam effect
• Rugged aluminium case
• Automatically responds to the music

Order Code: VA05F
Only £59.99 Save 25%

Lighting Stand with T-Bar and Side Bars• Heavy-duty 41mm aluminium tube
• Pre-drilled for 8 lights (load capacity 40KG)
• Ideal for mobile DJs

Order Code: PD78K
Only £29.99 Save 25%
Order VC99H x 1, VA05F x 1 and PD78K x 1 to
benefit from this offer
Altec Lansing
Only £29.99 Half Price
• Wide-spectrum Active Noise
• Reduction & closed ear-cup design promote eliminate unwanted noise
• Adjustable deluxe padded headband and leatherette ear pads
• Features foldable design for easy packing, handy multi-function controller, carry bag with accessory pouch, two choices of cable lengths, as well as airline and 0.25 adaptors
Order Code: A30FU
Waterproof Colour CCTV Camera Kit
Only £69.99 Save £30.00
•Waterproof - rated IP68
•High quality colour CCD sensor
•See in the dark with built-in infrared illumination
•Twelve infrared LEDs effective up to 10m
•Automatic IR switch-on under low illumination
• Complete with plug-in power supply and 10m of connecting cable.
Order Code: L21AZ
Combined SKY & SKY+ Replacement Remote
Only £14.99 WOW!
Designed as a direct replacement for existing digital satellite receiver remote controls. All function are the same and the layout mirrors that of the original remotes to make life as easy as possible for the user. Fully preprogrammed to operate al digital satellite receivers. The RC027 will also operate the basic functions of many popular TV's.
Order Code: A66FA
Altec Lansing
VS2121 Speakers
Only £29.99
Half Price!
• High quality stereo - specially engineered drivers deliver a full spectrum of pure, distinct sound
• Quality bass - feel the power from a front-firing, long-throw subwoofer housed in a ported, wooden cabinet
• SFX technology - sound field Xpander Technology delivers a wider stereo image for bigger sound at the touch of a button
• Built-in controls - include power on/off and volume, as well as the SFX switch
• Wall-mountable speakers - for a flexible installation
• Distinctive styling - looks great next to your flat panel monitor or anywhere in your home
• Headphone jack - for private listening
• Shielded satellites - for use near video monitors
Order Codes: A31FU
MP3 Speaker Bag
Only £9.99 Half Price!
• 1.5 watts RMS NXT Speaker
• Universal MP3 case
• Durable high grade outer case
• Compatible with all MP3 players & iPod
• Requires 2 x AAA batteries
• Universal 3.5mm Connection
Order Codes: A04FW

Tie Clip Radio Mic
Only £65.73 Save Over 25%
• High quality VHF radio microphone system
• Crystal clear sound transmission
• Low battery consumption
• License-free
• Operates on 174.1MHz
Order Code: L60AW

1500W Pressure Washer
• Whisks away grime including the muck that brushes & hose pipes never seem to reach
• Great for cleaning vehicles, patios, stonework, garden furniture, and BBQ's
• Keeps your outdoors in spring clean condition all year round
• 1500W, max. pressure 100bar, working pressure 60bar
• Water flow 5.5L/min, with auto stop
• Complete with soap bottle, 1 spray gun, connector, 3m hose, 5m cable
Order Code: N10CJ
PSR282 200 Channel Scanner
Only £69.99
Save £20.00
• 10 Key direct frequency entry
• Manual channel proceeding
• AM airband with 8.333 kHz steps
• 200 memory channels
• 5 pre selected quick touch channels
• Channel lock-out feature
Order Codes: N36AU

Metal Detector
Only £19.99
Save a Third
• Discriminates between
ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• Adjustable sensitivity
• 16.5cm waterproof search coil
• View meter & pointer
• Adjustable height
• Earphone socket
• Detection depth of 10cm
Order Code: LL52G
Laser-jet Flame BBQ Lighter
Only £4.99 Save £4.00
• Powerful 1300°C laser-jet flame
• Wind resistant
• Easy use flame height adjuster
• Hanging clip
• Ignites in any direction
• Size 20x1.8cm
Order Codes: L38BH

Travellers Water Checker
Only £9.99 Save £5.00
• One touch operation for testing tap, filter, ground, bottle or mineral water
• Quality of water indicated by one of five facial displays on LCD display
• 81mm (L) x 49mm (W) x 23mm (D)
• Measures Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) in parts per million (ppm)
Order Code: L74BF

LCD Clock + Sensor
Only £9.99 Less Than Half Price!
• Clock with alarm and snooze function
• Wireless RF outside transmitter with wall mounting bracket
• Records the highest/lowest temp measured
• Calender displays month and date
• Supplied with stand, or can be wall mounted
• Requires 4 x AA - all batteries supplied
Order Code: L87BR

Low Voltage Stainless Steel Garden Light Set
Only £29.99 Save Over 35%
• Create an ambience in your garden with this stylish set of stainless steel garden lights
• Also ideal for lighting pathways or driveways
• Includes 4 x lights, 4 x bulbs, 22m of cable and 12V transformer
Order Codes: A76FQ

Black Light Set
Only £14.99 Half Price
Create an atmosphere and enhance your garden with this set of 4 garden lights
Set includes 4 x lights, 1 x 230 V transformer and 12m of cable
Safe low voltage
Order Codes: A75FQ
Lap Top Bag
Only £12.99 Save £2.00
• Made from durable polyester
• Laptop compartment is fully padded
• Organiser section
• Handgrip & detachable shoulder strap
• 2 rubber feet
• 41.5 x 30 x 13 cm
Order Codes: A71CZ

Build Your Own PC
Only £5.99 Save 25%
This book takes the reader through the process of assembling a PC from freely available and relatively inexpensive component parts. Actually building a PC is quite easy, and does not require any special tools or skills.
Order Code: L04AK

Bluetooth 10m USB Dongle
Only £14.99 Save 25%!
• Plug this dongle into your PC & turn it into a Bluetooth enabled device
• Download pictures from your Bluetooth™ mobile phone to your PC
• 10m range
• 128-bit encryption for secure data transfer
Order Code: A38FH
Dazzle Video Creator Platinum
Only £49.99 Save 25%
• Quick to connect - just connect to your camcorder and plug into your PCs USB 1.1 or Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port and you're ready to go
• Simple to use - capture from virtually any video source, with full-resolution DVD quality
• Easy to archive - record your videos directly to to DVD without copying to your hard drive, saving both time and space with Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder software
Order Code: A86FT
VGA Box +
Only £29.99 Save £20.00
• Play your console games on your PC monitor
• 4 AV inputs
• Easy select buttons
• Display resolutions 800x600@60Hz, 800x600@75Hz, and 1024x768@60Hz
• VGA and audio cables supplied
• Can be used by any games console or AV device
• AC adaptor supplied
Order Code: A06FL

400W X-power ATX PSU
Only £19.99 Half Price!
• Support latest ATX12V Intel® & AMD™ platforms
• 24Pin (20+4 Pin) ATX Main Power connector supporting the latest motherboards
• Dual 80mm fans
• SATA power connection
Order Code: A96FC

IDE / SATA to USB 2.0
Only £34.99 Save 25%
• Connect your IDE or SATA hard drives externally via a USB port
• Allows you to connect 2.5, 3.5 IDE and SATA hard drives
• Includes 3.5 to 2.5 adaptor
• Complete with PSU
• Compliant with USB 2.0 transfer
Order Code: A35FQ

Dual External DVD RW
Only £39.99 Save £30!
• External DVD +/- RW drive
• Uses USB 2.0 or IEEE 1394 Firewire interface
• Writes to Dual Layer DVD+R discs
• Volume control - wheel knob
• Headphone Jack
• Buttons - Eject/Play/Skip/Stop
Order Code: A24FT

160GB External Hard Drive
Only £69.99 Save £30.00!
• Easy storage and access for large digital music, photo, video, personal data and multimedia files
• Large-capacity drives
• 7200-RPM high-performance drive
• Whisper-quiet and cool operation

Order Code: A36FQ
Coin Sorter
Only £14.99 Save £10.00
• Sorts coins quickly and easily in to different values.
• A great gift for everyone and is also suitable for businesses sorting large volumes of coins.
• Requires 3 x C batteries
Order Code: N57BW
Saucer Shooter
Only £4.99 Half Price
• Features blinking lights, whirs and whistles
• Includes 20 colourful safety-foam discs & practice target
• Shoots up to 20 feet distance!
• Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Order Code: L05BU
SuperPlus Alkaline Batteries Only £1.99 Each
• Specially designed for high-drain and digital applications
• Advanced formula for higher capacity 20% more capacity than standard alkaline
• Superb leak-proof technology
• Amazing value-for-money
AA 4 pack
Code: L43AL
AAA 8 pack
Code: L42AL
C 2 pack
Code: L44AL
D 2 pack
Code: L45AL
9V PP3
Code: L46AL

3V-12V 3A Compact Bench Power Supply
Only £14.99 New!
• Ideal for the electronics hobbyist, CB radios or CCTV applications
• Compact and lightweight
• 6 output voltages - 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 & 12Vdc
• Continuous 3000mA current across all voltage outputs
• Fitted with a 1.9m mains lead
• Screw terminal posts that also accept banana plugs
Order Code: L10BR

A3 Hot & Cold Laminator
Only £24.99 Half Price!
• Adjustable temperature laminator accepts up to 330mm wide and 250 micron pouches
• The ideal way to protect and preserve your important documents
Order Code: A71FT

MP75 Invertor
Only £19.99 Save A Third!
• Converts 12Vdc to 240Vac household electrical power so that you can operate electronic home and mobile office equipment (up to 6 amps) from a vehicle power outlet.
• Suitable for equipment rated up to 75W.
• Flexible elbow style that allows movement through 90 degrees
• Compact and lightweight, easily stored in a glove compartment

Order Code: A20FC

Fog Designer Lamp
Only £14.99 Save Half Price!
• Evocative mist-producing lamp
• Cool mist produced without heat or chemicals
• Frosted glass bowl design
• Soft diffuse light
• Humidifies dry atmospheres

Order Code: L43AK

Safety Breaker
Only £6.49 Save a Third!
Protect you and your family with this precision-engineered RCD adaptor that gives protection against electrocution. This versatile adaptor can be used both inside and outside the home and is ideal for use with a multitude of household devices - in the kitchen where water can be particularly hazardous, in the garden with gardening appliances such as lawnmowers and hedge trimmers, and it is also ideal for use with potentially dangerous power tools. Conforms with BS7071.
Order Code: QS21X
NiMH Batteries 4 Pack
Only £7.49 Half Price!
• Unrivalled performance in high drain applications
• Rechargeable upto 1000 times
• Green technology
Order Code: L85AQ
Motion Detector Security Alarm
Only £9.99 Half Price!
• Motion sensor detects movement and activates alarm
• 105dB high output siren
• Panic button, and Chime mode
• Personal PIN security code
• 90° detection area, 5-7m detection range
• Requires 1 x 9v PP3 type alkaline battery (not included)
Order Code: L98BT
Only £19.99 Star Buy!
Take the V-Traveller with you & save lots of money on hotel phone bills. Simply plug it in to your laptop or P.C. wherever you an get an internet connection & stay in touch with colleagues, friends & family while away. The perfect travel VoIP phone
Order Code: A41FB
Worldwide AC/DC PSU
Only £14.99 Save 25%!
• Regulated switched-mode power supply
• Up to 3600mA maximum output current
• 6 output voltages
• Complete with 8 of the most popular power tips
• Supplied with interchangeable mains plug adaptors - ideal for the frequent traveller!
Order Code: L48BQ
X-Cut Shredder 5
Only £19.99
Save a Third
• Auto on / off / reverse
• In-throat width - 223 (mm)
• Cut type - Cross cut
• Shred size - 4x30mm
• Sheet capacity - 5 sheets of A4 paper
• Complete with interlock safety switch
• Pull-out basket volume - 16 litre
• Machine setup size - 323x155x365
Order Code: A36FH
WT-417 PMR446 2 Way Radios
Only £29.99
Save £20.00
• The complete two-way radio solution
• 2 radios with drop in chargers, batteries & earpiece/mic accessories
• Up to 3Km range, terrain permitting
• 8 Channels with 38 anti-interference codes
• Interchangeable facias
• Built-in VOX
• Auto channel scan
• Call function with selectable tones
Order Code: A95CQ
140mm Angle Finder
Only £4.99 Less Than Half Price
• Constructed from die cast aluminium
• Measure angles from 0 degrees to 90 degrees in 1 degree increments
• 0.05mm degree accuracy
• Complete with batteries
Order Codes: L32BK

33 Piece Reversible Ratchet Screwdriver & Bits
Only £4.99 Save £15.00
1x reversible ratchet screwdriver
1x flexible extension
1x magnetic bit holder
1x socket adaptor
21x screwdriver bits
7x 1/4 Dr.sockets
Order Code: L71BN

Digital Light Meter
Only £19.99 Save A Third!
Light level measurements: from 0.01lux to 50000 lux
Easy to use with single function switch
3 1/2 digit LCD display with low-battery & over range indication
Order Code: N76CC
Variable Speed
Mini Tool Kit
Only £14.99 Save £10.00
• 12V variable speed and lightweight
• 0-18,000rpm
• 3 grip positions
• 50 accessories
• Attractive aluminium storage

Order Code: L57BQ
Cold Heat Cordless
Soldering Iron
Only £12.99 Save A Third
• Heats instantly to 400°C
• Cools enough to touch in seconds
• Built in LED work-light and heat indicator light
• Requires 4 x AA batteries
• Prestigious Red Dot award winner
Order Code: N69BH
60mm Vacuum
Base Vice
Only £9.99 Save £5.00
• Lightweight plastic body
• Height 200mm
• Head tilt 180° and head swivel is 360°
• Removable rubber jaw faces
• Ideal for craft, hobbies & electronics
Order Code: L31BQ
Offers are valid until 13th June 2006
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